Terradata SE AG | Terradata SE AG (ehem. Swissenvironment AG)
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Welcome to Terradata SE AG

(formerly Swiss Environment SA)


Swiss Environment SA becomes Terradata SE AG.

For more information please vistit Terradata’s website.


Successfully working for engineers and geologists since 1969.
Uninterrupted inclinometer surveys since the seventies.

Operational Availability:

Our efficient team is allways ready to go. We can handle “emergencies” both quickly and efficiently.
Since we have two or more units of each instruments, we can literally be working in two places at the same time.


We are the only company in Switzerland offering MIP/MiHpt direct push logging for relative concentration of volatile organic compounds – showing distribution and relative magnitude of VOC contaminants.


Knowledge and Resources:

Broad knowledge and experience in geotechnical measurements and instrumentation.

Authorized representative of Geokon Inc in Switzerland.

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